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Business Analysis
1) We look at computer strategies for all business aspects of a client’s computer requirements and possibilities, current and future. 2) We look at current hardware and software being used and analyse their value in current and future network environment. 3) We explain any new hardware and software that is available that would benefit the business. 4) We plan the migration from your current situation, to a fully integrated, operations and accounting environment. 5) We can help design and implement data transfer and handling facilities including Inbound EDI, Outbound EDI, Faxes, E-mail, etc. 6) We will eliminate as many redundant visits to the file cabinets and fax machines as possible and eliminate the printouts of documents that can be sent directly from the system. 7) We will have the system prepare all of the daily needs of the company overnight to fully utilize hardware processing power. 8) We can have the system e-mail responsible parties of situations that must have their attention automatically to streamline the data-flow between departments. 9) We tailor the data entry and retrieval to suite your company’s data-flow requirements. We know that your way is the best way, so we will do our best to make it happen that way. 10) We will show you how image overlays with data will save time and money by faxing and e-mailing graphical originals without ever having to print them and how to send copies of vital documents to all involved parties. 11) We develop the software you need to make your business flow seamlessly, with the least amount of work from your staff. 12) We can help interview and evaluate applicants and their skills to help you get the best person possible for the position. It is also to our benefit, because we will probably be working with them more than any one else in organizing computer issues. 13) We will help you build a Disaster Recovery Plan for your computer needs. Be prepared, every day that you are down can cost you thousands and possibly clients. 14) We will be there for you with help, any time you need it 7 X 24